We All Need Closure.

by Choirsofficial

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released November 11, 2011

Capricorn Studios



all rights reserved


Choirsofficial Bakersfield, California

Indie/alternative/post-rock etc. (you decide) from Bakersfield, Ca. Pleased to meet you :)

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Track Name: The Cravers
Savior i’ve lost more than a heart learning our life means nothing at all we are the grey scenes just taping the rewinds and pulsing burdens timed by a heart sincerity was lost on us all when we felt our spine turn on we’re nothing but cravers sensation i’ll be calling you again you played your part and we only wish you but a good life but time said that you were worth a try so we are the cravers we seek good cause it helps us allow the blossoming snares of our lives so stop acting like a carpenter and be just the births and the abortions of god you were meant to observe your own life are we alive or softly controlled we are just the extensions the arms of loneliness digging in holes with a heart palpitating to blind ourselves with the emotions of others we’re fully clothed vagrants insistent on believing we’re deserving of something more like we are then owed but we’re nothing but the arrogant designed to inherit it wrong!
Track Name: Closing Remarks
Shut your mouth keep it closed i’m sleeping so i can play our part tomorrow again with conviction and a lack of sanity oh i love you even though dirt you’re scratching my eyes i will always say well played my love you fucked my insides and burned out my corneas as expected though you’re the one i left you’re the one when you called me the eyes of the signs of life i crumbled oh then bullshit my friend contacted me again and spit in my eyes with a lie oh blind love your anchor is strong but a witness to blame for this oh you fucked my insides and burned out my corneas as expected you’re the one so open the door even if it breaks and i’ll help you down when you’re afraid and i’ll wake you up if it’ll help you stay and I will bind the time if it’ll make you late so hold on love save what you have so let’s burn burn the life down i’ve been hurting too long at the end of the road well i died my life and i can’t live again my mind will break again life my bastard son you arranged it why the curtain of time oh love i will find you again i’m tired of weeping composed but i am bleeding to own your safe your heart i’m finally sleeping.
Track Name: Modus Operandi
Time my dear is whole but what’s your name my love i treat love like missed memories holding them till they grow old so spring is what your mother called you my new ritalin doll cautions will vary as we slip away but soon you will find you are loved so follow me down to our world don’t persuade the hand clamped kindly to yours that’s giving you final directives and cause this kind of love won’t float down with the ashes it’s coursing through varicose simile old sought romances this is wrong but you are mine now beg for life like you want something more and care for life like it’s already gone nothing has changed ‘cause i have arrange that this is your fault you will not run shall we slow dance such beautiful porcelain ‘cause you are my soft shelled collected mannequin queen apparently leaving again with my dreams you are cold did you have to take her once again she scraped her name in the wall i’m bound for the other world but she is the pulsing vein the fabric of love so i pray for you save her redact ‘cause i have paid for and stayed for the end.
Track Name: Do I Look Good In Desperation?
I am burning my figure like you did but i’m questioning faith for the sake of these arms so save me now oh i forgot you leave your day job at the signs of a martyring life with so many lives crossed and gone crossed out like you were kicking quite pleasurably the teeth in to prove your own point that we are the ones that we are the no ones failing again damaged and broke like cracks you won’t fill again the newly begotten you care for their will but we knelt at your heels strangling our lives for you now murdering is a happen stance i’m burning off my clothes now rapture go fuck yourself god please as we pant for the water our body it clings to the dust our soul is bowed to the earth just sleep in the beckoning fire it’s waving us home for a change your soul does bind with the light you’ll come in time loathe self loathe!
Track Name: Vaults
I blame you the avenue forthright with hopes but if you frame your heart to me you’ll find it gets lost in the breeze conscience arrange the end i run to the edge thoughts you have taken me front stage of apathy you want to hold your plan to mine you’ll find it’s out of line so conscience arrange the end now run to the edge then break my heart ‘cause i’ll ask of you whole breaking you down fussing for love and accepting your heartbeat but strangling faith with the hope the hope you would love babe we’ll deny what you own and we will both denounce your design ‘cause i’m pestilent breaking you down raping your heart burning you lover but accepting your indifference long line faith you’re the fog and we will both deny you’re involved stay for faith i am vetting for more now raise your glass let’s please the crown and we will burn love right you’ve embarrassed what was and we’ll both hang for we’ll both hang for this is our love it is so fucking shameful when you’re blessed by an insult and cared for by the heart of an arrogant wait for the signs up ahead will you hold again it is so fucking shameful when you’re holding up bitterings as castles to defend your intelligence rainfall won’t defend i’m letting you go!