by Choirs

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released May 19, 2014

Josh Mallit (Producer/Engineer/Editing)
Cato Johnson (Editing)
Morgan McRae (Keys on Just Breathe and The Loneliest Child)
Michael Edward Layton (Help on lyrics for By Our Current Standards…)
Music @ Studio West - San Diego, CA
Vox @ Meihi Ranch w/ Alex and Adonae Faris - Caliente, CA
Edited, Mixed and Mastered @ Rarefied Recording - San Diego, CA



all rights reserved


Choirsofficial Bakersfield, California

Indie/alternative/post-rock etc. (you decide) from Bakersfield, Ca. Pleased to meet you :)

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Track Name: Empathy-altruism
Let me cut my life down to feel a portion of sadness or of substance
I've love it's strength and always sought it's originating shape.
But just to wear it as a thought.
Cause I lack the hurt and pain of the ache.
So, how can I advise.
Our miss-happenings they must be mistakes so I've heard...that we're the trolls of the time.
Well there's a version of living I can't comprehend.
So, how can I scribe all my notions of live when I'm at a loss?
How do you feel when you feel that place on your inside ripped out by the higher?

They see this as a mess or a lack of sight, even so this is how I should do it.
Sacrifice my life to feel yours.

Yes your pain and your unrest.
Oh, you feel more? I never thought of that.
Oh, I feel unchained, but on another side.
Had you'd known would you had left me be?
And had you'd known well I hope you'd let me go?

I simply couldn't feel the right, so I changed the lullaby.
And since I couldn't change the tide, I let it sweep me.
I feel at home. I feel what you were missing.
I'm not lost. I see you set there right next to me.
I'll never be gone, and never make it seem that way.
You'll never grow old. These eyes will never see you that way.
I wrote through lines. I changed a lullaby.
I'll never be gone. You will feel me pushing your chest!
Track Name: By Our Current Standards...
As he sits awkwardly
Crossing from leg to leg
Muttering lines recalled from youthful days
When hearing was left unsaid

So seemingly
You’re a witness to lunacy
Never you mind his days of sheer dissent
So you can discuss Voltaire

Your freedom of air to breathe
Wasted on posturing of consciousness
It’s all but a masquerade as we fall down

He is a fine disease
Fucked my his own design
Modeled by grand intent
He assures himself
Life as a shell has spiraled past the rule

Yes he has drifted off
Like satellites not coming home
Course unchanged
Systems off
And never again will he be released unharmed

Blur lines Emmanuelle
Now spiral you shepherd go on
Broad brush Emmanuelle
You shepherd should spiral go on
Track Name: Superegoid
Change your life
It's been bedding some time in your ears
And giving you something called cause
By kicking in your mind it's buried in your bones

But please believe a scream doesn't mean a suture will heal
And don't go setting course on a new one
if you haven't bleed the one the one you feel

Well, I have been telling you
Nothing means nothing unless it's pulled into "it's" arms
And sadly somethings become absolute
When you begin to believe in those arms

Shame on you
It's beginning to seem a lot like excuse
And hurting who you have become
You're something like you were, but you're dimmer in the core
But don't be afraid
We mean nothing
And don't go setting course on a new one
Without viewing the ones the ones you fear

Well I have been telling you
Nothing means nothing unless it's worth both of your arms
Cause trophies unmantled are what we are
Regardless of who you believe

So don't whither
But change you are better
Faults are yours but they will settle

Nothing means nothing
But wake for that nothing
There are others just like us
But only one you!
Track Name: Just Breathe
The unconscious realm
Appeals to you
Cause it grabs your neck
And makes you feel tethered

Yes so far away
Much less mad to rain
It softens your mind
In that sections that seems to suit you better

Feel your thoughts
Good ones will not go
Give your cares away
You will see yourself again tomorrow

All the crimes you feel inside yourself
Will never atone all the hurt you've been given
So take a breath you
Yourself unchained untethered
Fall and sleep well sweet dreams unarmed
But remember…
Just breathe
Track Name: Vestige
In your race for life what do you recall in begging for a place left second to dispose?

We'll have you had your name underlined?
I did before.
You should embrace your father now like I hate my hunger now.
And with a touch of unobscured disgust implied, you never fought what is wrong.
You've only acted for the crowds
The insecure, the ill-applied, the unblossomed youth
But here you are sympathetic to a sickening sole
Sit down since you're in place.
You haven't caught cause from my eyes.
You want mine but I not yours (with a wince inside)
Our loneliest thoughts should be perfect along

Oh, I'll open now since you've set down your paper and cause for concern.
Have you once seen your mother cry solely to remember the touch of her young?
And before you so chirply pipe up little bird
I saw her decay to pray for her young
This shine of misfortune was placed on us all like a concrete resting place where witnesses dance..bitter now
Yes, I'm bitter now.
I had everything ripped by the hand of the time.
As music gets played and life moves again, tomorrow you'll find this means nothing at all.
And music gets played, and life moves again.
The honest solution is we let it burn.
Opulence offers men carmine hands with a view.

So stake what is yours and then and go on like a fire cause we are all flickering flames bit for means not ends.
A common delusion is that we are all victims of long life but I'd do it again.
Are moments design us to whether or not we're open to death.
The falls are much longer that you will anticipate but no fault of yours.
The final direction will come in your better days when the timing is terrible.
Rest and then wait and then salvage this is all we are doing.
As if you just couldn't take anymore
Long life demands the will and will take what is yours.
I know this sounds strange my dear, but a bullet sounds nice.
And I hope that it's you.
Track Name: The Loneliest Child
When you said you longed for the other days is this what you had in mind?
Don't hope it will only shame undermined, thee...
Air is gone.
Your air is gone.
Though the sky wadi bruised for you.

Did you ever listen to a work I said when you were speaking?
Your con's a mark of your selfish bones or a lack of thinking.
You didn't call.
You didn't write.
Was there something wrong from the start?
You never called.
You never wrote when you felt alive.

My hands you broke.
Your hand I held even though you knew it just wasn't right inside.
Your head in my arms.
Your tears in your mouth.
How can you fake it once more than twice and then smile?

Oh, I'd pry for you.
And still hope for you.
You weren't a stranger.
You weren't a stranger.
'Cause you were my friend.
But here you are to scream for me again.
Well I could have sworn you were my one and only friend.
I wish I could...
I wish I could have saved you.
Track Name: B.I.T.T.
No I can't come down unless I fall in toward a nice a nice quaint grave.
You see my fears up here don't make their dates remembered.
They fall like leaves in the winter.
There's no pain.
It's true.
It's not your concern like you might have thought.
I applaud your cause and your worry some.
But why would I fall if i haven't felt, if I haven't hurt?

Oh I love the fact that you're so adamant.
But can you now cut the cord and fall to me.
Yes conversations are but fleeting, though you and I can direct them accordingly.
As if there's one for one or two of two watching misplaced prints then allowing a bloom.
Imagine there's one of one or a view for two.
Staying in place now.
If it was waiting for you wouldn't you run?
Shouldn't one crawl to feel a whisper in the ear?

Yes 99 would fall.
If it were I you see, all there to blame would be me.

But if you walk this way.
And if you talk with me you might just find there's something deeper than a cautious view.

No I can't come down.
These soles you see they could not hold this frame.
And this ground before me still burns bright red.
And not for the life of me could I expect any less.
So you be you and I'll be I.

Something can be gained when you're holding yourself down with arrows.
And there is nothing to be gained when one is lost from anyone.
We just act on.
We just count the seasons.

Something can be gained when you're holding yourself down with arrows.
But there is nothing to be gained when one is lost from anyone.
Cause when it's just one…
It's just you.